Paint Repair

paint repair quote paint repair starts off at $225 which is usually a spot repair usually add bumpers I will paint just that section of the bumper. the car panels like if I have to paint the hood that usually cost $450 – $500. That includes small repairs if it’s the fender are usually charge $250 if it is a door panel are usually charge $450 – $500 that includes color matching if it’s a Japanese car take a picture of the driver side door jam the sticker has a barcode and a Vin number above it it also contains the paint code same with ford cars BMWs Chevys and Mercedes you have to text me the Vin number and I will have to call the dealership for the paint code all paint is next to factory code my paint jobs I guarantee 10 years I get the panel to look factory OEM perfect again not 100% but very close I never claim 100% this price is for paint repairs only not the paint less dent removal I do both trades I’m one of the few companies that doif I need to do a Bondo repair then I charge extra I usually do this work in your garage or at your home it usually takes me four hours or less small repairs take about 2 1/2 hours I also except payment from insurance companies and I give free estimates over the phone if you send me a picture 714-227-1119