Paintless Dent Removal

Paintless dent removal is a way to take out dings dents and creases out of your car without harming the paint job are usually charge $125 to come out and fix the first door ding if it’s out of body line it is $150. If the damage is the size of a fist or hand print are usually charge…

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Paint Repair

Paint repair quote paint repair starts off at $225 which is usually a spot repair usually add bumpers I will paint just that section of the bumper. the car panels like if I have to paint the hood that usually cost $450 – $500. That includes small repairs if it’s the fender are ….

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Bumper Repair

Bumper spot repairs start at $225 includes small repair. Color is matched to factory code. Matches are super close.
Full bumper painting starts at $350-450.
Full panel painting like a hood or fender or door starts at $350-550

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